Mambella’s opened its doors to welcome your business in November 2007. Our commitment is to provide fresh home-style Italian cooking. Tina Brisbin (nee Mambella) the owner, is committed to establishing Mambella’s as a refreshing alternative to the fast food industry.
Her motto is: Fresh, Fast and Friendly.
That’s what you will find at Mambella’s!
Mambella’s is proud to serve fresh homemade baking that is all done on site. In January 2011, we expanded to accommodate our increasing demand for our great food and catering services.
Mambella’s will also provide catered lunches to your upcoming business meeting or events. Due to the size of our kitchen, space is limited, so please call for details.
Thank you for your business.
Tina Brisbin and her Wonderful Staff

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