Bereavement Meals

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Option 1 - Mambella’s Sandwich Platter: $7.99/ person

Fresh Sandwiches: 1 sandwich/person – Our assortment will include, egg salad (1⁄3 order), tuna, Finest Meats smoked turkey, smoked ham, our own roast beef and a smaller assortment of montreal smoked meat, Noah Martin’s summer sausage and Italian meats. We will include vegetarian wraps* as well in our assortment. The sandwiches will all be buttered, made on an assortment of fresh breads and cut into 4 pieces each.

Assorted Dessert Tray: 1.5 pc/person – This assortment includes items such as our own brownies, carrot cake, banana bread, cookies, assorted squares, mini tarts and more, all made in house.

Assorted Relish Tray: Assorted Pickles and olives, 1 pc/person approximately

Example for 100 people:

100 sandwiches cut into 4’s, 400 pieces in total
150 assorted dessert pieces
100 assorted relish tray items

Option 2 - Mambella’s Premium Sandwich and Wrap Platter – $8.49/person

Upgrade to include our Premium Wraps: This assortment will include everything from Option 1 as well as our premium wrap selection which includes wraps made with our own real chicken and turkey ** and Italian prosciutto. The assorted dessert and relish tray included is the same as in Option 1.

Example for 100 people:

75 sandwiches cut into 4’s, 300 pieces in total
25 wraps, cut into 2 pc, 50 pieces in total
150 assorted dessert pieces
100 assorted relish tray items

Other A la Carte options available:
Sandwiches: $5.75 
Wraps: $6.25
Desserts : $2.25 
Relish Tray: $1.25
Veggie Tray: assorted vegetables and dip - $2.99/person
Fruit Platter: assortment of seasonal fruit and yogurt dip - $3.29/person
Cheese Tray : assortment of cheeses served with grapes and crackers - $3.49/person

* Our standard ratio for vegetation sandwiches is for every 10 sandwiches required we include 1 vegetarian wraps

** Please note what we mean by the word “real” is that the chicken and turkey we use is not processed in any way or pumped with salt water

Gluten Free Options available by request